EDC Sangha Dana Reservation

📌 English Dhamma Centre of Mahamevnawa | 35, Veherakanda Road, Baddagana, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte

Please wait a second or two for the calendar to load. Please select a day and meal. Then complete the form.

( Orange– Available Dates | Green – Already Booked Red – Pending Approval, These dates are not available)

For the time being, only “Sponsored” dana is accepted on Poya days. – 🌕 Bak Full Moon Poya Day: April 5, 2023 (Wednesday)

A Merit that Surpasses that of the Four Great Oceans

You now have a great opportunity to give dana in the name of the Sangha, which is incalculable and immeasurable. Therefore, the Buddha said that there is no way that gift given to an individual can be more fruitful than giving a gift to the Saṅgha.

To take up this rare opportunity to offer dana to the Maha Sangha at Colombo Dhamma Friends of Mahamevnawa Buddhist monastery Colombo 7, send an SMS or call to reserve a date for a dana offering. However, if you are unable to come in person, you can sponsor a dana for the Maha Sangha.

If you knew about the wonderful results of giving and sharing as the Buddha knew, you would neither eat without sharing with others nor would the stain of stinginess overcome your mind.